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Ok, so the film begins in New York of a totally fucked future. The sequence is exquisite comic book team cooperation. Only, Kitty Pryde’s power in sending Charlie back would render him essentially brain dead… well, they also need to be moving forward with X-MEN circa 1979 or so… Once Wolverine has woken Hippie Xavier Burnt Out up… which apparently has a single cell in the place – meant only for Erik. To exist in super-speed has never ever ever been this cool. By the time you have Young and Old confronting one another… this stuff feels oddly profound to a comic reader like me. you’re intoxicated, caught in the web of the action. now sure there were dire circumstances for the mission’s failure… things have never been close to this dire in any MARVEL-verse film…

you see, back in 1981 most likely at the old Seven Eleven that was right by where the IN-N-OUT place is now on Airport Blvd… I never bought X-MEN with Dad, because as a dealer in the 70’s… he didn’t care if I took one of each down to my room. which was what I totally thought James Cameron ripped off… it isn’t a Nerd Paradise for my Geektastic Imaginarium, where I watch my fantasy version of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST where all the right characters are doing exactly what I want them to do wearing the right costumes and where Colossus tosses the Canadian through them big glorious genetic racist robots from Hell! But the premise of her time travel in 1981, is essentially the same… Where this series is at the end of this film is the most fertile place that the franchise has ever been at. Daniel Cudmore’s Colossus needs to be a part of a feature length mission… their castings stabilize both timeframes perfectly. Fassbender needs to recruit Evan Peters’ Quicksilver stat. I think Dinklage should be out of prison by the next film!

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